Literacy Project

GCDN has been working on literacy project in several remote parts of 9 districts to Shed the light of education. To make this programme effective and efficient the Board member, staffs and facilitators of NFE need knowledge regarding thematic area (Education). Several workshops and training on thematic areas like were conduct by GCDN, which helped to enhance the skills to perform their work in progressive way. GCDN’s staffs also got opportunities to participate in numbers of training conduct by PMU.
Donor agency (PMU) and Lycksele, (partner church) have been continuingly provided financial and technical support that has helped to strengthen the capacity of the organization. At the mid of the project PMU carried out the compliance audit which make the project team more known about their strength part and the weak part that should be improved. In this way the organization and project team receiving chance to build up the capacity. Regular meeting of the Executive Board received motivation and inspiration to continue the work in the progressive way of the project. UMN, ERDCN and Non-formal education department, Sano Thimi have provided technical support in Post literacy management workshop. It is more fruitful to have close relationship to these organizations to build up the internal capacity.

External evaluation:
At the end of literacy project activity period, in a participatory manner an external evaluation is carried out by United Mission to Nepal (UMN). The technical capacity of GCDN is discussed in a separate section by expertise of UMN. This section highlights findings from the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis done with the board members of GCDN and its staffs. In evaluation process Mr. Madhu K. Thapa (Monitoring and Evaluation team leader), Kshitij Raj Prasai, Kimberly Fraser and Yagya Raj Pant, UMN and staffs of GCDN were partaking. External evaluation has made much aware in the area of GCDN feel improving and strength part. Recommendation has given the best opportunity for the betterment in the future steps of the organization and project.
Outcomes from the first phase Literacy project:   

  • 470 women +80+55, including 20 men strengthened in their situation in the society having learnt reading, writing and math.
  • 470 women+80+55, including 20 men gained knowledge in health, human rights, gender and equality.
  • 115 women have improved their business by proper calculation and keeping the record of their credits. These women had also sent their children to schools. 23 women had started to work in their local community. 5 women had participated in the VDC level meetings.
  • 300 women encouraged their children (both boy and girl) to attend school regularly.
  • 5 women participated in the VDC (Village Development Committee) level meetings.
  • 1 of the women is elected as a Chairperson in local VDC School.
  • 1 woman nominated as chairperson of women group in Ramechhape.
  • 30 teachers trained with knowledge in pedagogic and only 20 of them are trained with leadership.
  • 95 leaders of local churches got training about leadership and importance of education and development from the project.

Some success stories from Literacy project: Empowering women through Adult Literacy Class
Sandhya Khadgi, Tara Shrestha, Sangita Lakandre and Sani Maya Sijali, they are from Thimi, Chheru and Rancha respectively. Throughout their childhood they have never had the opportunity to go to school, but recently their wishes came true to learn and to be literate in Non- formal Education classes, where women learn to develop reading, writing skills along with literacy, numeric and arithmetic skills. Similarly many other participants also gain skills to be literate. 


                            Sandhy Khadgi is leading the women group



Sandhya Khadgi now she is leading one women group in her community. She is appointed as chairperson; because: she is able to lead the group. Before she was not able to read and write and express her opinion too. But after participating in NFE class she met her keen desire of learning and able to develop her skills and empowered herself. The same as many participants developed their
Skills by NFE classes conducted by GCDN. Tara says, “We never got chance to go to school. Now, because of literacy class, we can write our names and signatures instead of thumb print in any document which helps to build up their self-confident and become more skilled in doing calculation. She is more benefited to run her small business easily”. NFE has not only helped empower women of the community, it has also helped mother to help in children education. Sandhya adds. “My children feel happy and proud when I help them in reading story books and they enjoy reading along with me.

NFE center of Balkot VDC, Bhaktapur District, they have NFE class in Temple where they spent 2 hours per day. Inside the temple there was clean because priest and villagers cleaning, but outside and surrounding of temple was full of garbage and bushes. Due to garbage they feel difficult to stay inside the class. They have learned about cleanliness somehow, they thought important to clean around their own house to live in healthier environment. But after attending NFE class, they became more aware about importance of cleanliness in the village. So, they took initiative part to clean the whole village. They started from their NFE class surrounding at first.
One of the participants, Chandra Devi Shrestha says “GCDN’s NFE class helps me to broaden knowledge about cleanliness. Now day whenever she meets with her relatives and friends, she likes to talk more about cleanliness and also like to aware them too.