Post Literacy Project

GCDN has been implementing Post Literacy programme in Santeshwori and Netrakali VDCs of Sindhuli district  from 1st August 2015. The main goal of this project is " To bring positive chnages to the social status and living standard of the people". 

The expected outcome of the project are:

  1. Increase in literacy rate and develop functional skills:-600 women and 200 men of 4 VDCs6 of Sindhuli district will have the opportunity of post literacy package to make them literate through functional income generation activities. They will practice their rights, equality and aware other women in the community.
  2. Awareness raising and community empowerment: Traditional leader as well as community leader will encourage women to take part in the community development and participate in the literacy programmes. They will also discourage the violence against women and related gender issues. 
  3. Local authorities VDCs will give more participating opportunities for women in planning process and decision making, DEO will give fund for the NFE groups for the continue education.