Garbage Cleaning Organized by GCDN at Rampur Bazar,Sindhuli

Garbage Cleaning Program and Social Audit Report

Ghyanglekh-5, Rampur, Sindhuli


.Garbage Cleaning Program  

On the date of 5th June, Rampur bazaar garbage cleaning program was conducted on the day of world environment day. The program was organized by GCDN and team. The program was held under the chairmanship of Bishnu Kumar Karmacharya newly elected ward level chairman and also the vice-chairman of village municipality level personnel Miss. Durga Devi Sunuwar. During the garbage cleaning program around 60 people actively participated and the participants were local people, GCDN board members, staff, post-literacy participants, facilitators, teachers, students, health post, police department officers and some other organizations.


Social Audit

.On the scheduled date and time, social audit report program was held in Mahila Bikash Bhawan Rampur. The program was for the reporting, approval of organization’s program and forecast social audit report.  The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Miss. Durga Sunuwar vice-chairman of Ghyanghlekh village municipality. The program was carried out in the presence of different level personnel and local level authorities. Mr. Bishnu Kumar Karmacharya ward level chairman addressed the organization on the behalf of local authorities. He responded with high gratitude to the organization for humanitarian works and relief effort during and after devastating natural disaster earthquake in Nepal.