2nd phase of livelihood training

Grace Community Development Nepal Livelihood Program, Animal Husbandry Training 27th March- 4th Feb 2017 (6 Days Training) • Program Description : GCDN has organized 6 days livelihood program on the basis of animal husbandry training, in coordination with District Animal Service Office, Sindhuli for Post literacy participants. First three days training was held in Bandipur Learning Center, Netrakali VDC with 45 post literacy participants and next three days training was in Rampur Bhanjyang Learning Center, Santeshwori VDC for 65 participants. The main motive of the training is to develop skill of Post literacy participants in animal husbandry and to increase source of income through animal husbandry with productive way. As well as linkage the post literacy groups with VDC, DDC and other cooperative organization. The training was carried out under the Post literacy project, which is running in Santeshwori and Netrakali VDCs since 2015. Objectives of the Training: - 1. To know some basic information of animal husbandry in Nepal. 2. To know about animal husbandry and it’s important. 3. To know about parasites, diseases, symptoms, prevention and medical treatment. 4. To know about types of animal grass roots and types of vegetation. 5. To increase the income generation sources of participants to uplift the living standard of participants through livelihood skills. 6. Linkage of NFE groups with cooperative VDCs, DASO (District Animal Service Office). Participated Post Literacy centers: S.N. Name of Center 1. Bandipur Post literacy Center 2. Gope Post literacy Center 3. Chaukidada Post literacy Center 4. Makhamali Post literacy Center, Dothe dada 5. Rampur Bhanjyang Post literacy Center 6. Garkhe Post literacy Center 7. Paharilekh Post literacy Center Total beneficiaries from the livelihood training are: 110 In coordination with District Animal Service Office S.N. Name Designation Authority 1. Hem Bdr. Baraili AST (Animal Service Technician) District Animal Service Office, Sindhuli