Message From Director

Buddhi Bahadur Shrestha Director

Feeling pleased to introduce GCDN’s literacy project first phase report, which contains major achievement and learning in the period of 1st April 2011 to May 2015. The project started with the hope that people of target areas see some significant progress through literacy programme. This phase filled with opportunities to meet people, hear their success stories and successes, but also their challenges. I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our staff in carrying out their work in difficult and challenging circumstance across the country.

During this literacy project phase, I feel pride at how GCDN has work toward empower the community, reduce illiteracy and make strong civil society. We have worked in most needy part of Nepal where people are facing problems in their daily lives without education. Through literacy programme their lives have been changed, now their life is full of self-confident, respect and dignity.

 We would like to express our gratitude to PMU, Pentecostal church, Lycksele- Sweden, Especially Mrs. Lilian Borgstrom ,stakeholders, beneficiaries, partner churches , Government of Nepal, supporting organization and other who support our work, who have mad e this work possible and enabled us move towards our vision: “People of Nepal living their lives with dignity.” We look forward to continue support, trust and work together for the community development.