Message From Chairman

Indra Bdr. Rakhal Chairman

By the collective efforts and remarkable contribution of everyone who has played a significant role, in achieving the objectives. We have completed the first phase of Literacy Project as a learning period with some satisfaction of the achievement in the field of literacy among the women. On behalf of the Grace Community Development Nepal, I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Pastor and leaders of the Pentecost Church of Lycksele (Sweden) for their direct financial assistant, playing leadership role and giving valuable advices. PMU’s main fund and the administrative guidelines by the expert personnel are highly appreciated. An also, GCDN is very much thankful to all the stakeholders and staff for their contribution that they have made in various ways.

GCDN is debtor to Lilian Borgstrom for her thoughtful and wise leadership role played in between the Church and PMU. Christer Stenberg (South Asia Facilitator ) who has strengthened administration and equipped the staff, at the last, not the least, GCDN is highly acknowledged with profound thanks to the experts of UMN for evaluating the project with the most essential recommendations for the future direction.

We, the GCDN committee do trust the same supportive hands in days to come too toward the work that we are committed for the development of poor of the poorest livelihood through ‘Shedding Lights’ of awareness, increasing their cognitive ability and developing their productive skills so that everyone may have privilege to live in fullness of life with dignity in the community.

May the LORD, our God have mercy upon each and every one of us as we become voice of the voiceless and hope for the hopeless humanity.